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Do Anti-Aging Treatments Actually Work?

Anti-aging science is reaching humans. This website allows to collectively assess now (not in 30 years) and in humans (not only mice or monkeys) what interventions work. This, by combining our experiences, using biomarkers of aging, questionnaires and deriving statistics.

TIMExtension - Starts here!

Go For Good Health

We are:

  • An anti-aging testing platform... for all!
  • For simplicity we start with capers, strawberries and long peper.



The Wright Brothers were the first to control the flight with an engine and eventually changed the world forever. They were just 2 brothers dedicated to their mission without money, just methodology.

We were inspired by them to create TIMExtension to help humanity live long and healthy lives. However, we are far from alone. Together with a vibrant community, we want to slow down the process of aging, that causes a lot of suffering, to stop it and even reverse it. With your help we will test and measure different food and molecules to see what really works and spread it around the world at an affordable price.

We set a precise and long term strategy to achieve this vision. It starts with a simple "home-made" approach where we mix food (capers, strawberries, long pepper), we mail it to you and we keep some contact with you. In parallel and gradually, we industrialize the platform and get adequate regulatory agreements to test both anti-aging food and anti-aging pharma products. On the long run, we hope to continuously optimize human health and longevity, at minimal effort and maximal enjoyment of added years for all.

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